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Welcome to MLEV

Our Mission

MLEV is a statewide, non-partisan organization dedicated to making environmental protection a top priority for Massachusetts elected officials, candidates and voters in order to better protect our environment and health.


We hold legislators accountable for their votes on environmental issues. The political process is essential to protecting our environment and health. Who we choose to represent us in an elected position can make all the difference for the health of our environment. That’s why MLEV works to elect leaders who will protect natural environments, our health, open spaces, and quality of life.

We work to educate voters about the importance of environmental issues, so they can make their voices heard with legislators. We educate voters on the environmental actions so they may advocate effectively their legislators and make informed decisions when it comes time to vote. Additionally, we educate about the candidates that we have endorsed. MLEV offers volunteer opportunities to meet and to assist legislators and endorsed candidates for office. Join in the endeavors of the MA League of Environmental Voters for a greener Massachusetts.

MLEV Interviews John DeVillars

Chuck Anastas, Chair of MLEV’s Board of Directors, sits down with John DeVillars, Former New England Administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Chief of Operations for Governor Michael S. Dukakis.

The following audio is Part 1, titled “Early Days, Dukakis Years”, and is part of a greater series of interviews that MLEV will be conducting over the coming months. Stay tuned for updates!

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MLEV Profiles State Senator Stephen M. Brewer

In light of State Senator Brewer’s retirement from politics this year, MLEV Board Member Doug Pizzi caught up with the State Senator this fall to discuss his career in Massachusetts state politics.

State Sen. Stephen M. Brewer: A career spent

building consensus to protect the environment

by Doug Pizzi

For state Senator Stephen Brewer, being an environmentalist has meant a career of bringing together diverse groups whose interests may intersect, but who are sometimes at odds over individual policy initiatives. While everyone benefits from a healthful environment, clean air and water activists, hunting and fishing enthusiasts, animal rights advocates and gun rights proponents often have different and sometimes competing agendas.

Yet in so many instances, Mr. Brewer has been able to find where those interests converge and form consensus that sometimes seems rarer than a marbled salamander. It takes a lot of work and an open mind to accomplish. It also takes the ability to withstand 18 years of sometimes bare knuckle politics that comes with representing 28 Central Massachusetts communities that run along a four-county swath from New Hampshire to Connecticut.

Photo by Scott Robinson.
Photo by Scott Robinson.

Mr. Brewer recalled one of his earliest political lessons from when he first ran for the state House of Representatives in 1988, when the now ubiquitous “no new taxes” pledge was first permeating electoral politics.

“I thought that was naïve. I’ll say no new taxes when there are no new problems,” Mr. Brewer said, noting that he first heard that critique of the tax pledge from former US Senator Lowell P. Weicker, Jr., of Connecticut.

Prior to being elected to the House in 1988, Mr. Brewer served three terms as a Barre selectman and eight years learning the job as the constituent services director for former Representative and later Senator Bob Wetmore.

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